About Me

I come from the countryside in the Netherlands. Already from a young age I have been a creative doer. My father was a carpenter, when he worked in his workshop in the weekends, I used to be set up with a hammer, nails and leftover wood to create whatever I pleased.
Like my father, I’m a maker and love the practical side of photography.

I’m glad I learned the craft as photographer in the traditional way, at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. My passion started with making portaits, though more recently I have started to enjoy photographing landscapes and stills.

After working in my home country for about 15 years,
now Raglan at the wild west coast in New Zealand is my home.

My Work

The focus in my work is to capture natural and pure situations in the most beautiful way.

Whether it’s a real life story for an editorial assignment, making a portrait or wandering around on my own, I’m an observer and wait for that right moment. 

The joy of capturing these moments still keeps me shooting with a smile on my face.

My clients include :

NZ Life & Leisure
Raglan Yoga Loft
Good magazine
NZ House & Garden
C’bon Textiles
Yoga magazine (NL)
Psychologie magazine (NL)

I shoot 4x5 film, medium format and digital.


Thanks for visiting my website, please get in touch when you’re interested in my work. 

Call +64 21 846786 or send me an email.

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