About Me

I come from the countryside in the Netherlands. Already from a young age I have been a creative doer. My father was a carpenter, when he worked in his workshop in the weekends, I used to be set up with a hammer, nails and leftover wood to create whatever I pleased.
Like my father, I’m a maker and love the practical side of photography.

I’m glad I learned the craft as photographer in the traditional way, at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. My passion started with making portaits, though more recently I have started to enjoy photographing landscapes and stills.

In 2018 I returned to the Netherlands. After living for eight years in Raglan, a beautiful, small beachside town in New Zealand. I returned to my beloved city the Hague. No doubt there is some Kiwi-ness in my system after my NZ years, which is a good feeling.

My Work

The focus in my work is to photograph natural situations in the most beautiful way.

Whether it’s a real life story for a magazine, making a portrait or wandering around on my own, I’m an observer and wait for that right moment.


Fysiotherapie Tom Kusse- Bienfuture coaching

HOME magazine- NZ Life&Leisure magazine-Good magazine- NZ House & Garden magazine- C’bon Textile -and many BookaBach interiors


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